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What’s the deal?
The buzz is a filtered, email magazine of interesting, quality cultural events that is sent out to a like-minded community which doesn't necessarily have the time or patience to comb through the local papers and magazines.

How much does it cost to subscribe to PittsburghBuzz emails magazine?
The service is free for our readers.

When is PittsburghBuzz published?
Our crack team of sleuths, revelers, and writers are constantly working, both behind the scenes and in front, to gather information in and around town. Each Wednesday we publish a select choice of these events for your perusal.

Who are you?
Each day we grow, we are close to knowing that answer.

How do I add an event?
PittsburghBuzz.com is a community event with an open call to participate. If you want an event to be considered, simply click on the Event Submission tab.

How can I help?
If you are interested in being part of our Street Team, email us. The Street Team is our grassroots way of spreading the buzz, having fun, and making this city a better place to live.

I have more talent than time, though.
As we recognize that our area is a hotbed of creative talent, we offer artists the opportunity to have their work seen by our readership. To submit an original design, email us.

Am I biking the right way?

thanks ftrain

Are you hiring?
We are currently not accepting resumes.

Who started this thing?
PittsburghBuzz.com was founded by John Mahood and Kit Mueller in December of 2003.

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